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C'mon in  

Sustainable decor rental &

bespoke decorating   

Our boutique rental shop has a unique style. 


Specialty wedding decor that is inspired by natural backdrops - from barn country to cottage country - north of the GTA is where our vintage, handmade pieces look their best. 


Salvaging, refinishing, building and locally-sourcing, we can achieve even your wildest Pinterest dreams while still having a lighter environmental event footprint. 

Local rental shoppe 


We are more then a rental company. 

We are decorators, antique collectors, craftsmen & event planners - all rolled into one, easy-going team.  


If you're planning your own wedding, have some of your own decor & need someone with an eye to tie everything together - just knock! 

If you have an established vision with a wedding planner & need someone to execute it - just knock!

If you're in search of rental items & would rather enjoy your day alongside family & friends instead of stressin' out - just knock!


Green Door Decor is a specialty company with specialty items requiring specialty care. We don’t just deliver and pick up, we safely pack, coordinate logistics, transport, and decorate -- and we only take one wedding per day to ensure all our focus is on MAKIN' IT HAPPEN FOR YOU!

Bespoke decorating 

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